Tesla solar glass roof tiles

Solar glass roof tiles is the new innovation of solar energy. This is actually the third version of solar roof which “Elon musk” has come up with. The idea behind this innovation is to create a beautiful rooftop and at the same time generate energy as well. Isn’t that amazing? That is what is called killing two birds with one stone. Solar roof tiles, no doubt has provided an alternative to conventional solar panels. And instead of installation on the existing roofs with the traditional racking systems, solar tiles are part of the roof itself.

tesla solar roof tiles

Personally, I will say that this is a viable option in new constructions and major renovations since a roof installation and a solar array can be combined into a single component. Believe it or not, this innovation worths it. so, what is this solar glass roof? how much does it cost for installation? I will explain all this to you in clear terms. so let’s get down to it.

What is solar glass roof tiles?

Solar glass roof which is also called “solar shingles” is used to trap radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics cells, etc. This device is more or less like a collection of solar (or photovoltaic) cells. Which can be used to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect.

The anticipation of this new innovation has been “heart warning”. The billionaire CEO claims that the new roof tiles, which are bigger and more power-dense, will help “make roofs come alive,” Creating a world “where you look around the neighborhood and the roofs are all gathering energy.” In a clear statement, “musk” says and I quote “I think in the future, it will be odd for roofs to not gather energy”. Most times if things of this nature occur, a slogan always comes to my mind which says “to who much is given, much is expected”.

tesla solar glass roof

if solar glass tiles can be your roofing tiles and at the same time generate energy directly from the sun. It will definitely cost more than normal roofing tiles. so how much does this awesome solar glass tile cost?

How much does solar glass tiles cost?

If you want the best then you got to pay for it. Pay a premium over standard solar panels, and you can get a normal-looking tiled roof that will suck up the sun’s energy all the same and light up your home. Many of us will love that, but unfortunately It won’t be for everyone.

Following musk’s words about the solar roof. “It costs a price point that is less than what the average roof costs plus solar panels, and will only make financial sense for new houses or replacement roofs.” He went on to say that if a potential customer’s roof is more than five years away. Then he/she will be needing a replacement.

how tesla solar roof tiles how
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Going with the companys’ website report. Installation of 10KW should be around a price of $33,950. This is equivalent to $3,395 per kW. By analysis,a 10 kW solar roof from Tesla requires an area of 2000 square feet, with installation cost slightly under $17 per sq.ft.

This means that to generate a 10KW power, you will be looking at a total cost of $34,000. Which is significantly equivalent to the initial value of $33,950. So from this calculation you will know how much power you need in your home and the exact price for it. But if you think that solar glass tiles are quite costly. I will give you a comparison between “normal roofing cost and solar glass tiles”.

Comparism between normal roofing cost and solar glass tiles

For a clear understanding of this comparison. I want you to keep in mind that there are two different kinds of tiles on the roof; Solar and non-solar tiles. The ratio of solar tiles to non-solar tiles will affect the cost per square foot of the solar roof. Initial reports have shown that non-solar tiles cost $14.2 per square foot, while solar tiles cost $17 per square foot. So you see that we just have a small increase of $2.8

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That means the Tesla solar roof is about $2.8 more expensive than a comparable non-solar roof. And these tiles have a 30-year warranty. So I think by now we should be talking about “how to install these solar tiles in our homes”. Or probably make a quick or by clicking HERE.

How to install solar glass tiles

Installing a Tesla Solarglass Roof is very similar to the process of installing traditional solar panels on the roof. It starts with an initial phone consultation. If it’s a new building, Tesla agents will visit your home to check the approved map out and the complexity of the roof. Where it made sense to install photovoltaic tiles versus glass tiles, and the like. This is a unique variable that does not exist in the traditional solar or traditional roofing industry.

installation of tesla solar glass roof tiles

Personally, the look and feel of a Tesla Solarglass Roof are the same. Regardless of whether the individual tiles themselves contain the photovoltaic cells or not. The number of tiles containing photovoltaic cells in a Tesla Solarglass Roof can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of the customer, up to the maximum capacity of the roof based on its size, shape, pitch, etc. So what are you thinking? Tesla solar glass roof or the traditional solar panel? make an order now directly to

I hope you find this article helpful and educational. In order to serve you better please comment on any mistakes or information which should be added. Check naihcotech for more updates

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