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In the years past, enjoying the outdoor deck for most homeowners only meant sitting out in the darkness or simply turning on a blinding floodlight, which even ruins the ambiance around the home. But, have you ever thought of having soft, gorgeous deck lights serenading your outdoor area without dealing with the hassles of wiring or electricity?

Solar deck lights are simply classy and if you want to give your home that touch of sophistication and elegance, you shouldn’t think twice about opting for these types of light as we would learn more about them here.

Imagine having a system installed which enhances and illuminates your deck areas such as your porch, stairs, pathways, etc. even when the sun is down. Now, that is the idea behind the solar deck light.

Solar deck lights are suitable ways of saving energy and are also quite convenient to use and maintain.

solar outdoor light

Why Should You Opt for Solar Deck Light?

Without exaggeration or favoritism, there is way lot more reason why you should order for a solar deck light. The reason Am about to show you are based on the general opinion of a wide range of audience, here are the reason:

  • Solar deck lights illuminate areas of your house that normally require more attention to access or navigate such as your stairs.
  • They serve as safety lighting.
  • They add ambiance to the deck and outdoor area of the house.
  • Solar deck feature long-lasting solar LED technology.
  • They tap their source from natural solar energy thus form a great alternative to saving energy.
  • Their operation cost is less and they require less maintenance.
  • They light up automatically at night and improve the safety of homes and properties.

Solar deck lights can’t literally be compared to the conventional lights, as there are many specs to them. With their high-performance LEDs, they can automatically light up themselves at night and even switch off by themselves at daybreak.

Remember, I am at your service when it comes to providing the best power, lighting, or light solutions to your home.
Now, let’s check out the array of options and places you can have the solar deck light installed in your homes.

The Solar Garden Lights

It doesn’t matter whether you want single-colored lights or multi-colored lights, you can always get solar garden lights to fit into the picture of what you desire. With these lights, you give your garden a colorful glow.

Are you wondering if they cost much? No, they don’t. With as little as £1, you can purchase it and have it installed for your garden. The Poundland’s garden range comes at this price range.

If you have a large outdoor garden, then it can surely benefit from well-paced solar lighting. They do not only lighten up your garden but they also add a decorative touch to your garden area.

You can check out some of them and their prices here:

Solar Post Light

These post lights are solar-generated lights that illuminate your gardens, paths, walkways, and general outdoor space simply by having them installed and hanged unto a post!

solar post light

With quality solar post lights, you can turn on and lighting your home exterior all year round.

Depending on the size and type you want, you can purchase these solar lights within the range of £6 and £30.

Check these solar post lights out:

Solar Pathway Light

With many options in the market today, I can tell that it can be tough to choose the best solar lights for your outdoor path. Will you let me help you with that? You can always contact me if my service is needed.

solar pathway light

Solar lights generally offer a great option not just for homeowners but for business owners as well. They shine even brighter than the wired options and it would be a great idea to have them installed in dimly lit pathways and driveways.

What are the things you should consider before installing them? Think of shape, size, color, and even design. This will help you know the perfect place to place them in your pathway.

You can check out these amazing pathway solar lights and prices

Solar Security Light

There are two main reasons for installing solar powered deck lights: for decorative purposes and for security or safety. For the security lights, they come in different styles. It is important that you do not sacrifice beauty over practicality.

solar security light

How do they work? Typically, solar security lights have solar panels, which charge the internal batteries during the day. Then, at night the security light illuminates whenever it detects motions just the way the regular powered security lights function.

Installation of this type of solar deck light is quite easy when compared to the mains powered security lights. Installing it would entail attaching the light unit to the wall while putting into consideration, the location of the solar panel (the best position of the solar panel should be to have it in the south-facing the sun).

Check for some great security solar lights here:

Solar Outdoor Light

Fitting your outdoor space with solar-powered lights is an ideal way of saving more cash. Asides saving cost, it is a fantastic way of boosting the general appearance of your home or property.

The best types of outdoor solar light do not compromise on beauty or power. They are easy to maintain and are also environmentally friendly.

Since they are for the home exterior, they are meant to come with weather-proof features to keep them safe from the elements.

See some amazing outdoor solar lights

What kind of weather will your solar deck lights be exposed to?

Since deck lights are mostly meant for the outdoor areas surrounding the home, you should expect that they will be exposed to different weather conditions. While each lamp has its own degree of resistance, not all of them might be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Have it in mind that there would be:

  • Strong winds
  • Heavy rain/flooding
  • Extreme sun and heat of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Frost and/or snow

You should consider the area where you reside before opting for one. For instance, if you live in the tropical regions such as Nigeria, you should find a model that is ideal for the environment– one that can handle large amounts of rain and extreme heat as well.

What Amount of Light do You Need?

Every solar deck lamp emits a specific amount of light (listed in lumens). 600 lm is equivalent to a 10W LED light. You should know that the greater the lumen, the brighter the light will be.

Also, the size of the solar panel is another important determinant of your light’s brightness because the bigger the solar panel, the greater the light produced.
Some people choose to go with solar deck lights with small built-in panels that would only beautify their yards.

While this may be beautiful, you should have in mind that it won’t do well at keeping away intruders or helping you with watching your steps around your home when it is night.

If you want to illuminate a larger space, then you should go for solar deck lamps that have a larger light radius and higher lumen rating. If possible, go for the sets that have 6 or more in one pack. This will help you save costs.

What to look out for when purchasing Solar Deck Light

At this point, I’m sure you must have considered having the solar light installed in your residence.

What are the things you should look out for before making a purchase?
Nobody deserves to be subjected to the agony of purchasing one only to end up with a dim light or one that doesn’t last long.

Think about functionality

You should think of the purpose for which you are purchasing the solar light and ascertain if the one you want to purchase will meet your expectation.

The LED Lights

The LEDs ought to be strong and robust since what we are talking about here are deck lights that are mounted in the outer space of the house.

The Location were you will install it

The location of the deck light matters too. Will you have it standing (as in the solar post light) or will you have it hanging on the wall? Do you want to use it in lighting your gardens or your pathway? You shouldn’t have your solar deck light misplaced.

The Price

Of course, you have to consider price in every purchase you want to make. You should go with your budget, however; you should know that most times, price matches the quality. If you want high-quality solar deck light, then you might have to pay higher to get it installed.

With all these been said about solar deck light, there are other portable solar lights that we can use too especially those here in Nigeria or regions where there is always power failure for days.


The advancement in solar technology has made it possible to have a small light that is powered by solar. Here I will just mention a few of the numerous portable solar light.


This is a portable solar light that every homeowner should have in case of any form of power failure. It comes with a portable LED lamp with a mobile charger, 48 hours of light, a 1-year warranty, and a price tag of #15,000 Naira.


D-light is a powerful solar light with 2 light bulbs and an extra bright tube. These solar lights can charge your phones, headset, MP3, and many other chargeable. D-light also comes with a 5 years lifespan and a price tag of #35,000

portable solar light


This portable solar light is ideal for reading purposes, it has three lighting stages. Sunking pico can last up to 24 hours when fully charged. The price tag of #3,500

sunking pic


This portable solar light comes with 3 bright bulbs. It can charge phones and other USB devices. It also has a lifespan of 5 years, 6000mah battery with 6w solar panel. Sunking HOME 60 has #37, 000

sunking home 60 portable light


This portable solar device is used to charge FM radio, phones, and a bright LED light. It also has a 5w solar panel. A price tag of #13,000

The prices of portable solar lights listed above are negotiable and we supply in quantity and any located across Nigeria. If you have quality solar products for sale and you need an advert, we are here for you.

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