Online business that can pay you $2000 per month in 2020

As the world economy is crawling on its feet due to the effect of the deadly virus “COVID-19”. Since the outbreak of this pandemic in Wuhan, China. It has not just affected the economy.but also the jobs of many innocent people living around the world. This has to lead the government to lock down all working areas and markets. As a measure to curtail the spread of the virus

Now, what next for me and you, are you going to stay at home without working? Aren’t you going to feed your family and loved ones?.are we just going to stay at home and eat our saving without any income?.or probably you might just want to stay at home and press phones? Believe me you will soon get bored and tired of social media. Most people are in a dilemma because this is heartbreaking, but don’t panic. I am here for you.

In this article, I will show you online jobs that will pay you $2000 per month by sitting in the comfort of your house and working for your money. is that possible?.hang on and let me take you around the shore of online jobs that will make you smile forever. All you need is just your mobile device or a computer and an internet connection which of course is within our reach.

Though, many people don’t believe that online jobs actually pay high due to some bad experiences they might have had in the past. but I am not going to bore you with jobs that don’t have identity or proof. The following jobs which I will introduce to you are highly profitable and can boost your income beyond your expectations. Now let’s get down the business.

genuine online business that can pay you $2000 per month

Please permit me to make it clear to you that you can earn more than $2000 per month in these online businesses depending on your work rate. Just like I have said before, you need a mobile device or a computer for you to start this business and most importantly, an internet connection

So this is a list of of 5 genuine online business that can pay you $2000 per month:
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online surveying
  • Freelancing


how to make money online upto $2000 per month
blogging bring out the best you.

Personally, I would say that blogging is not just gonna get you money. Rather it gives you an apple opportunity of solving people’s problems and getting your account filled with millions of dollars. Lots of people have a passion for a particular thing, maybe telling stories, educating people about a particular topic, arts and crafts and so many things. Blogging gives you that opportunity to get your passion for the outside world.

What is blogging

By definition. blogging simply means an act of creating or writing an online journal or a diary. It means that for you to start blogging, you need to own a “blog”.Now the question is “What is a blog”.A blog is very similar to a website. I would say that a blog is a diary/journal that is (mostly) maintained by one person – blogger. Ok “who is a blogger”. A blogger is an individual who is a blog owner. The person keeps the blog alive by posting new posts, sharing the latest news, information, case studies, opinions, etc.

Now let’s get down to how you can actually start your online business- blog. But I know some questions will be in your mind right now, like how do I actually make money by just writing articles and posting it on my blog?. Well, the answer is just right here for you.

How to start a blog

now let get down to the step by step ways you can start your blog:

Step 1: Decide what to blog about. in a simple tense, its to decide which niche do you want to be writing about.

Step 2: Choose a blog creation platform. This is very simple. for a beginner, I recommend that you use WordPress to start your blogging career.

Step 3: Choose your blog’s domain name and hosting plan. This is the name you want people to use and know you or your blog. And it has to suite your online business. sometimes people use their name.

Step 4: Build a successful looking, traffic attracting blog. It’s just all about creating a good and quality content for your visitors to read.

Now what next after creating and hosting your blog. How is the money going to come? how will my account be filled with millions of dollars? well the answer is just writing here. Keep reading.

How to make money from Blogging

It’s quite easy to make money from blogging. All these ways is what I will show you now. Pay more attention as this is an exciting part of the business. In broad terms I will say that money comes from blogging through advertisements and promotions. how does this work? Well, once people start visiting your blog. Many business owners and companies will come to you for promotion of this business. That’s is an advertisement. In fact, the almighty google and many ad companies will like to put their ad on your blog. please read more on how ads work.

Affiliate Marking

How to make money online upto $2000 per month
affiliate marketing makes life so easy even
you don’t have a product of your own

I will be very brief here as this is a very broad topic. Let me just hit the hammer and on the nail, because I know you want to get started already. Well, affiliate marketing is when you sell products that are not your own and getting paid. Or I will say that affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals. How does this work? How do I sell products which are not mine? Some people might say “am not good in marketing” or “am not a social type of person”. Well, the good news is that affiliate marketing doesn’t really need much interaction between you and your customer. Let me show you how simple it is. Believe me, you will be amazed.

How Does affiliate marketing Work

  1. Choose a Niche. The first step of your career as an affiliate marketer involves finding out which affiliate products to sell.
  2. Research Programs.
  3. Build Your Platform. …
  4. Create and Publish Top-Notch Content.
  5. Create Your Ad Account.
  6. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

Online surveying

How to make money online upto $2000 per month
online surveying is easy and simple

An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. So? how do I make money through online surveying? who is gonna pay me? Well, there are many online surveying companies that are begging for the audience. People who will come and answer questions for their client. So who is their client? why do they pay money to online surveyors? Well, many Companies often use online surveys to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ tastes and opinions. In this way, the company will know how to serve their customers better. wow, interesting, isn’t it? yeah of course it is. So how do I get the money?

How to make money from online surveying[Online business]

Though some Factors may affect how much you can make from paid surveys: With that being said, most surveys take less than 10-15 minutes and pay between $0.50 and $5, but I’ve heard of some surveys paying up to $200. Oh my God! how is that possible? how do I become an online surveyor? It is simple, search some best online survey companies, create an account. Then, you are ready to go. Answer more questions and get more money. The time is now, get to work and make that money.


How to make money online upto $2000 per month
A freelancer has no limit to his earning

So whats freelancing about? this is an online-based business where you have the freedom to control your working hours while working from your comfort zone. Who is a freelancer? Well, a freelancer is a self-employed individual who doesn’t have to commit to a single, long-term employer. Instead, they work independently for several different companies or clients. I want you to know that being the boss of your own is the best way to financial freedom. Most employees have worked for virtually 10-15 years without saving any reasonable amount of money in their accounts. The harder you work, the more your employer buys “flashy supercars”. Oh yes that’s right. But two months in this online business will make you smile. So how do you make money from being a freelancer?

How to make money as a freelancer[ Online business]

To understand how much you can earn, from $1000 per month to per week to per day – it is respective to the problems you are solving as well as the experience you’ve and the speed of your work. There is NO LIMIT of earning as a freelancer if you’re an unstoppable creative person which commitment to your work. So how do you get started? you can start freelancing by signing up for any freelancing site of your choice. Check top freelancing sites here and make your choice.

Thank you for reading my article on online business. check back at naihcoltech for more updates.

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