The failure of the Nigerian power sector for the supply of adequate power supply to domestic households and industrial producers isn’t a thing of stories to most of the people who live here. The daily power supply is estimated at four hours, thus resulting in the highly bad state of the country’s basic infrastructure, e.g. water system, health care system, petroleum product distribution, agriculture, and education.

This has also caused a stunt within the expansion of the country’s ongoing economic development. Many families and businesses in Nigeria have to run one or more diesel-fueled generators to provide them with the facility they need to either run their businesses or household as a result of this energy crisis. This has also led many industries to travel away to a way better and more suitable environment.

In this article, i will discuss with you the major causes of energy crisis in Nigeria and the perfect solution to this energy crisis that can be used to improve the power supply in Nigeria when implemented.

light up Nigeria


We should also note that the country is blessed with an estimated reserve of 185 trillion cubic feet, 2.75billion tons and 35billion barrels of natural gas, coal, and crude oil, all this stated are non-renewable energy which is adequate to meet the electric power demand of sub-Saharan Africa for decades. In addition to this, Nigeria is endowed with several renewable sources of energy such as solar, biomass, and wind.

Despite all these sources of energy which can be used for energy generation, Nigeria is ranked one of the lowest electric power consumption per capita in Africa. There are also so many factors that contribute to this energy crisis faced in Nigeria.


Before we discuss the major causes of energy in Nigeria, let’s look at a little history

In the year 1896, electricity generation started but the first Nigerian Electricity Supply Company was established in 1929. By the year 2000, a state owned monopoly, the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) was in charge of the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power in Nigeria.

NEPA operated as a vertical integrated utility company and had a total generation capacity of about 6,200 MW from 2 hydro and 4 thermal power plants. This led to unstable and unreliable electric power supply situation in the country with people exposed to frequent power cuts and long period of power outages thus becoming a major cause of energy crisis.

In 2012, Nigeria generated approximately 4,000-5,000 megawatts of power for a population of 150 million people as compared with South Africa which is Africa’s second-largest economy generated 40,000 megawatts of power for a population of 62 million people.

In Nigeria, private generators of estimated 14-20 gigawatts of power make up for the shortfall. Thereby making 96% of industrial energy consumption produced off-grid using private generators. Now that we know a few histories, let’s go to the major causes of energy crisis in Nigeria



In Nigeria, one of the major causes of the energy crisis is the poor power supply is the use of fossil fuels otherwise known as coal, gas, oil. These are non-renewable energy sources and are being used up rapidly. Combustion of these fuels produces intolerable amounts of carbon dioxide to the environment contributing to turning the Earth’s atmosphere to a greenhouse with the harmful effect of increasing global warming.

Fossil fuels take millions of years to form and with heightened global demand they may be exhausted very soon. Here is a list of the major causes of energy crisis in Nigeria.


From our research, we found out that the use of aged equipment is one of cause of energy crises in Nigeria.most of the power infrastructure has been built for years. For instance 36% of plants have been used for over 20 years, 48% has been used for over 15 years and 80% are over 23 years. Thus, making them wear out and become inefficient.


This is another cause of energy crisis because in Nigeria, we have some unskilled and unprofessional people who take up the job simply because they have connection with the person in control of the power sector. This hinders the growth of energy supply due to the fact that they can’t provide the services needed from them, you can’t expect someone who studied law to manage a power plant, what does he or she know about power?

So for us to improve our power sector, we need to employ the write people to do the job. This will definitely improve the power supply to a reasonable extent. So we need the help of experts to maintain, upgrade and expand power generation systems.


This is another cause of energy crisis in nigeria, that is very similar to unskilled manpower which i mentioned above. most people who work in the nigerian power sector are not trained well enough, just like what one of my physics lecturers said to me ”THEORY AND PRACTICAL ARE TWO WORLDS APART” This simply means that, for the fact that you employed a first class graduate doesn’t mean he or she have the practical experience of what is happening in the field.

please understand that am not saying we shouldn’t employ fresh graduate but whoever is employed should be trained to keep up with the practical aspect of the work in the field.

Let me give a quick example, when I was living at Onitsha, Anambra state metropolitan city, part of our house got burnt due to a wrong connection from the so-called National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) officials.

This incident affected the transformer and for about 3 weeks we didn’t have any power supply, everybody went back to their power generating set. for me then, the NEPA officials were the only cause of the energy crisis in Nigeria.


The world is changing everyday, and to be on this trend we have to adapt to the new system. The nigeria power sector lacks this act of adaptation, thats why we have the lowest power supply compared to other african countries like south africa, morocco etc who have started large investment in solar power system.

with adequate research and development, we are sure to improve the standard of the power supply. it should also be noted that many business have been should down due to this energy crisis in Nigeria.

Let me give you another quick example, my parent have a block industry in Lagos and the major challenge we face is power supply, we rely on power generating set all day so we can produce enough blocks to sell, these two negative effects on the Nigeria economy.

One of the negative side effects is that the price of the block will increase, the second negative effect is that business owners who cant afford to buy a big power generator will shut down or operate remotely which will also increase the number of unemployment.


Funding is crucial for any sector or organization to grow, though commitment is the key. from our findings, we were able to understand that the power sector doesn’t receive enough funding from the government. An adequate power supply is an unavoidable prerequisite to any nation’s development, and electricity generation, transmission, and distribution are capital-intensive activities requiring huge resources of both funds and manpower.


Following the country’s constant power failure which is the most annoying thing which the citizens are facing currently together with the high rate of unemployment, we need to bear in mind that its not necessarily the NEPA issue but rather lack of funds to generate enough power for the whole citizens.


It’s not news that most Nigerians take government work as an opportunity to serve their pocket rather than the public which they are meant to serve, the power is not an exception. some staff can mishandle equipment in order to embezzle the funds which will be allocated to replace the equipment, this is another reason why there is always an energy issue in Nigeria.

So the government might be doing their best to ensure that its citizens get the best but embezzlement of funds remains the major cause of the energy crisis in Nigeria. there have been many cases where the appropriate funds are not allocated to the right place.


I will give you a clear scenario of such events, in my village, there was a provision for 50 poles of power line and a transformer, but the person in charge diverted about 20 poles to a neighboring village, so in this case its not necessarily the fault of the government bu the so-called NEPA officials.


The electricity distribution in Nigeria is poorly priced in the sense that for some reason there isn’t a standard value or price for the power supplied to each household or company or shops. for this reason, there have been lots of fluctuation and misunderstanding between the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) and their customers.

Despite the new strategy to counter this by using a prepaid meter, but to be frank with you this strategy isn’t working to some extent because many people have found a way to manipulate the system such that the meter only reads the bulbs and other small power-consuming devices. this is another major cause of the energy crisis in Nigeria because, for the system to function properly, they need funds which as citizens are cutting off through these manipulations.


It’s obvious that nobody wants to admit their bad sides but as a Nigerian and a good citizen of their our dear country, I will say that we are another cause of the energy crisis in Nigeria. from the government down to the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) to the citizens we are all caught up here.

The use of prepaid meters was meant to address the issue of poor pricing and billing of electricity charges but Nigerians have one way or the other developed a strategy to manipulate the meter by illegal connection, some people will go as far as connecting the system to read just a small part of the power which they consume.


For us to have a constant power supply from the grid, we must play our roles responsibly, this energy crisis in Nigeria has forced many homeowners to install solar energy in their homes, though its the best choice but many Nigerians won’t endure the initial cost. I have many articles regarding the importance of solar energy in Nigeria and the world at large.

some top solar energy companies in Nigeria like innovative solar companies and other solar companies have made solar power system installation in Nigeria very affordable.

Now that we know a few major causes of the energy crisis in Nigeria, let’s look at ways this problem can be solved


While the need for improved performance of the power sector in Nigeria keeps rising, the need to provide a lasting solution to the energy crisis in Nigeria becomes the priority of good Nigerians who have the country’s interest at heart.

The solution to this energy crisis is renewable energy resources, it’s not just the perfect solution to Nigeria’s energy crisis but also the best form of energy generation both for Nigeria and the world at large. if you don’t know much about renewable energy, let me give you a brief definition of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is the energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Most times renewable energy is referred to as clean energy, and the goal here is to generate energy and provide a clean environment.


Long-term investments in renewable energies like solar and wind have the potential to contribute significantly to electricity deficiency. The Federal Ministries of Environment and power and the Energy Commission of Nigeria should apply their blueprints of renewable energy technologies, in at least direct capturing the excess solar energy, abundant in Nigeria.


Going solar in Nigeria has become very easy ever since we standard our campaign for a clean energy future in Nigeria, and it’s going quite well, thanks to the co-operating solar energy companies in Nigeria who are installing solar power systems at the least affordable prices.


Addressing the energy crisis in Nigeria wasn’t very easy because of fake data and statements from many Nigerians who are already frustrated with the inefficiency in the power supply. So we went on research to dig deep into the real causes of these problems and here we are with the relevant information.

Renewable energy is the best solution for the energy crisis in Nigeria due to the country’s lack of infrastructural development regarding the energy sector. Going solar remains the best choice for homeowners.

Many Nigerians don’t actually know much about solar energy and the ones who know the benefits tend to run away due to the initial cost of installing a solar power system. Because of this naihcotech has joined hands with innovative solar company, tonytechsolar and ageless technology to ensure that you get the best solar service at the best rate.

Choosing the best solar battery often proves difficult because so many batteries vary in their energy efficiencies, storage capabilities, and effectiveness. Also, the cost of installation, durability, and storage space are other things we always try to find out before getting a solar battery.
So let’s treat them one after another, and find out how to know the best solar battery suitable for us.

The benefits of solar energy to our homes can’t be overemphasized, but then it will interest you to know that there are three different categories of solar power systems. What I mean by this is that, if you are considering solar energy, you should bear in mind that you can either decide to use the on-grid solar power system, off-grid solar power system, and hybrid solar power system.

How does the mixture of beauty and energy generation on your roof sound? Yes, I am talking about solar shingles. Discovering the various ways in which solar can be harnessed is the best thing that has happened to the world at large.

A new spec has been added, and this time it is as wonderful as others. Solar shingles while performing the exact function of conventional roof tiles, comes with an added advantage of energy generation. So what exactly are solar shingles?

Tesla solar shingle roof tiles


Solar shingles which are also known as photovoltaic shingles is a type of solar panel that performs the task of roof covering and energy generation for households. It could be said to mimic the functions and appearance of conventional roofing materials.

What this means is that, once you have solar shingle installed, it will serve as both your roof and your solar panel for energy generation.

The producers of solar shingles believe that it can last as long as the common solar panel in use. Solar shingle appear in sizes smaller than the normal solar panel.

So this means that the no of solar shingles that you will install in your home depends on the size of your home and the workload involved.

Solar shingles are composed of thin-film solar cells that are made from copper indium gallium selenide. This is a semiconductor known to have one of the highest energy conversion efficiency rates of about 12%.

In terms of availability, solar shingles are only being produced by a few companies now, so they are not yet very rampant, but you can be among the early users.

It will interest you to know that in the US, the total capacity of installed solar power has reached 71.3GW in the third quarter of 2019, and has increased significantly in 2020. This means that with the introduction and awareness of solar shingles, it will increase more.


Solar shingles operate just like the normal solar panels because they are building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) products. Solar shingle make use of silicon semiconductors.

When sunlight strikes the solar shingles, the semiconductor captures the energy. After a while, electrons will loose freely from the semiconductor and travel through a circuit to the area where other electrons are stored.

All these stored electrons will in turn be harvested to produce electricity. For a detailed explanation of how solar panels work, I recommend you read “what is solar panels”.

As the people getting solar shingles installed in their homes are excited about the added beauty, it doesn’t cover the fact that they need to get the maximum satisfaction from using solar shingles. So it will interest you to know that an average roof solar shingle will produce from 50 watts to 150 watts.


I will recommend that we use solar shingles because of its numerous benefits, some of which includes:

  • It is highly convenient and wonderful to use because it can fit perfectly with the existing design of your roof. It is more attractive than most traditional roof coverings.
  • Solar shingles will go a long way in saving you a great cost if you are building a new home. This is owing to the fact that you don’t have to spend on the traditional roofing materials.
solar roof tiles


As funny as it may sound, the only fault you may find with solar shingles at the moment is that if you are going for advanced options like Tesla, you may need to put an entirely new roof.

Again most solar installers don’t offer the services yet. This is not really a problem as there are others like me who can install it. But if you are not in Nigeria, I can give you a good recommendation from my international partners depending on your location for fast and quick service delivery.
However, not all types of solar shingles can be installed in the existing roof.

Since the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, there is no doubt that you are already considering getting one installed. So the next thing is to tell you the cost of solar shingles.


Solar shingle actually cost much when compared to conventional solar panels. It has been noted that solar shingles cost double of what a normal solar panel will cost.

This is because solar panels are very common in the market now. So many companies are producing solar panels, hence there is an increased competition which led to a massive reduction in price.

Solar shingles are still new in the world of solar. The competition is not much and is only a few companies that produce it now, hence the increased cost.

Depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof, the average cost for solar shingles installation ranges from $60,000 to $75000. You may have to pay $21to $25 per square, or $2100 to $2500 per square, for a standard roof.


You are likely to come across different solar shingles products in the market. Some of them include:
Tesla solar shingle
• Dow solar shingle
• CertainTeed solar shingle
• SunTegra solar shingle
• Luma solar shingle

Owing to the high cost of solar shingles, you should go for the best type when choosing the one to install in your home. That is why I will recommend you use Tesla solar shingles any day, anytime.


The CEO of Tesla solar company “Elon Musk” says he strongly believes that aside mounting solar on your roof and making it appear like a load, that the beauty and appearance of the roof should be highly considered.

So Tesla’s solar shingles creation could be said to be operating on the principle of the roof first. The plan to make the solar shingles has been ongoing since 2016 and was launched first in 2018.

tesla solar roefed house


Tesla solar shingles are quartz-based, unlike other ones that are silica-based. This means that it promises high resilience and efficiency.
Tesla usually handles everything about your installation, from design to installation.

Talk of a company that gives you 30 years warranty, then talk of Tesla. They offer you a long warranty period of 30 years for power output and a lifetime warranty of the roof itself. This gives you the maximum time for payback while generating energy.

Tesla has a unique spot for style. You have the option of choosing textile tiles that will blend in with your building, or futuristic glass tiles that will obviously make it appear stunning.

The most beautiful thing about Tesla is that you can make use of your smartphone will keep track of your battery storage level.


Of course, Tesla solar shingles have few challenges which could be considered insignificant if you want to get the best solar shingle.

Because of the high-quality Tesla presents, it is more costly than other solar shingles in the market.

Other solar shingle may take three days of installation, while Tesla might take up to 2 weeks. Leave it for Tesla to be highly meticulous in their installation, hence the number of weeks taken.

For those using an electric car, if you wish to recharge it with your Tesla solar installation, you will need to get additional power wall batteries.

Tesla solar roof installation might require the complete removal of your existing roof. This will definitely not go down well with people that they roofs are fairly used, as this will be an additional expense.


With this advanced solar innovation, it’s very much possible to have a good looking rooftop and also generate clean energy as well. Solar shingles combine the benefit of solar-generated electricity with the reliability of traditional roof shingle.

Installation of solar shingle can be very tiring because the size of a solar shingle is the same as that of typical roof shingles. This means that more shingles are needed to complete a job compared to the number of panels required for the same project.

Also, the installation process is a bit different from conventional solar panels because each solar shingle is put in one shingle after another after another and wire each one inside the building. So its a very labor-intensive job for installers, thus a highly certified solar engineer is needed.


Though tesla solar shingles are the most popular type of shingle, there are other solar shingle that you can install as well. Please pardon me here because I won’t go into details, so just focus on the main points that I will list out. Read on!


In 2016, dow chemical company partnered with an old-school solar installer(RGS Energy)
to market the POWERHOUSE 3.0 after stopping production.

RGS Energy has a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement to install and market the shingles. It said that the price of the system including a full replacement of a shingle roof and the system will be the lowest-cost complete solar and roofing offering available.

dow powerhouse solar roof tiles

Available pricing information from RGS indicates that the solar shingles will cost roughly $3.89 per watt for the average new construction project, including the cost of labor, electrical balance-of-system work (such as the inverter, monitoring, and wiring), and the equipment kit.

This does not include the cost of the roofing installation, which comes
out to roughly another $0.85 per watt of solar shingle installed (for a total of $4.74 per watt of solar).

While tesla solar roof cost about $8.14 per watt, the POWERHOUSE
3.0 also comes with an 11-years warranty and 25-years warranty on the roof. If you are looking for a low budget solar shingles, then this might be a good option for you.


This set of solar shingles offers an efficiency of about 15.5% which is of course less compared to standard solar panels with an efficiency of about 17% to 20% on average.

One main advantage of this solar shingle is that it can be integrated into your roof, which means you don’t need to worry about replacing your roof in other to install it.

certainteed solar roof tiles

Speaking of the price, Certainteed has no specific pricing list on their website right now but definitely, it should be within the average cost of standard solar panels.

It’s worth to note that CertainTeed solar shingles come with the following warranty:

  • Installation & workmanship: 25 years
  • Inverter & other components: 10 years
  • Power output: 25 years
  • Wind warranty: 10 years

And just so you know, Certainteed solar shingles are available across the states.

certainteed roofed panels
CertainTeed® Carriage House™ Shingles Give Historic Michigan Mansion Beautiful, Authentic New Roof | 2013-07-15 | Roofing Contractor


SunTegra solar shingle is building-integrated photovoltaics” (BIPV) just like other solar shingle, this low-profile, high-performance solar shingle is integrated directly to the roof without the conventional racking system.

The company offers two solar shingle options: the SunTegra Tile system and the SunTegra Shingle system. The Shingle system is designed to integrate with asphalt shingle roofs, while the Tile is designed to suit roofs with concrete tiles.

You can visit their website to learn more about their pricing and other products at

Oliver-Koehler, ceo of SunTegra
Oliver-Koehler, ceo sunTegra solar shingles


Just like other building-integrated photovoltaics” (BIPV) solar shingles, you might think luma as the best alternative to a to your solar shingle.

On their website home page, they stated clearly and I quote “We developed the first fully-integrated solar rooftop shingle system in North America, perhaps the world. We are the only upgradeable solar shingle system. Luma Solar brings clean energy to customers who want beauty AND enduring quality craftsmanship”.

You can learn more about their products and prices on their website.

luma solar panel


It will interest you to know that as long as you took your time to select the best solar shingles and accompanying materials, you won’t have to fear about maintenance. Normal garden cleaning tools is enough to clean your roof.


If you are about building a new house, you should be considering using solar shingles. What is the need of putting a roof and then installing solar panels separately? Of course, that will be too much load, so we should all be switching to solar shingle.

Solar shingles have high resistance against wind and hail, so you are very much secured. Just get a good installer, to do the proper checks, and Mount your solar shingle in the best position where it can trap sunlight, then you are good to go.

With the increasing demand for energy across the globe and the numerous activities which demand energy, there is a need for renewable energy. Renewable energy is a great alternative to fossil fuels and is fast becoming an important part of power generation.


Renewable energy resources are sources of energy that is continuously replenished through natural processes. These resources are alternatives to fossil fuels which are not renewable.

Coal and oil are examples of fossil fuels that produce energy when they are burned, but they have a very limited supply. But renewable energy sources can be very much replenished and are not limited.

This makes them very suitable because you don’t have to worry about running out of power supply.

renewable is changing the world with solar energy on  the lead

Why you should consider Renewable Energy Resources

I could give you several reasons why you should go for renewable energy sources like solar energy however, I will try to be brief.

  • Renewable energy resources have a very limited negative impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels.
  • They are very much cost-effective, so they are a very good option for homeowners or office owners.
  • While non-renewable energy sources are available only in limited amounts, renewable energy sources are unlimited.
  • Sun, wind, and water (which are sources of renewable energy) are accessible in almost all the countries of the world, as opposed to non-renewable energy sources which are found majorly in some places.
  • With renewable energy resources, you are in major control of the energy in your home.

Types of Renewable Energy Resources

Solar Energy

This is the most common type of renewable energy in use. Solar energy has been used by humans to grow crops, stay warm and dry food.

Solar energy comes directly from the sun and supplies us with the full energy needed for survival. It enables us to produce direct energy from sunlight and in turn, convert it to electricity.

This electricity is used to power our homes and businesses. In addition to solar producing electricity, solar power can also be used to charge battery systems and produce hot water.

I could help install the solar power system in your home and help you do away with unnecessary spending on power generation.

Solar energy is also recommended because it does not pollute the environment, as it does not give off fossil fuels. Now you might be wondering how this solar energy is harnessed and put into use. I will make it very clear to you, continue reading!

Wind Energy

When you feel the wind, it simply means that you are feeling the movement of air from one place to another. This movement is a result of uneven heating of the earth’s surface. Now this wind can be captured to give off power by making use of large turbines. Turbines generate electricity when they spin.

Hydro Energy

Just like the way we produce electricity from moving air, electricity can also be generated from moving water. This can be done through the use of turbines. When moving water runs through a turbine, it spins it to produce electricity.

Geothermal Energy

When our planet was formed, the heat was trapped. Also during radioactive decay in the rock that is deep beneath the earth’s crust, heat is also trapped. The heat from these two sources results in a large amount of geothermal heat energy.

Just like wind power, and hydropower, geothermal heat energy is captured by using a turbine. This can be achieved by using steam from heated water to spin a turbine which aids in the generation of electricity.


This is another renewable energy source. This biomass energy can be generated from recently living organic matters like plants and animals. This biomass are referred to as renewable because of how quickly plants can be regrown. And they also grow using renewable energy from the sun.

2050 projected renewable energy mix

The Solar Energy

I feel like more has to be said about solar energy because the power system is gradually turning to solar as the best alternative to energy generation. So let’s talk about the solar energy.

How Solar Energy is Harnessed

The sun is a massive nuclear reactor. Deep in the sun’s core, nuclear fusion reactions produce massive amounts of energy that radiate outward from the sun’s surface and into space in the form of light and heat.

Now to harness this , there are two major ways. It can be done either using photovoltaics commonly referred to as PV or by using solar thermal energy.

Application of Solar Energy

By using a photovoltaic solar system, solar panels convert sunlight to electricity directly. This process by which solar panels convert sunlight to electricity is called photovoltaic effect.

Here, incoming sunlight strikes a semiconductor material made of silicon and sets the electrons loose.

This sets them in motion and in turn causes them to generate an electric current that can be captured with the wiring. This current is known as direct current and it has to be converted to alternating current using solar inverter. When this is done, it can now power electrical appliances.

By using solar thermal system, heat is captured directly from solar radiation. This makes it available for use in different ways. The three major ways include:
  • Low temperature for heating and cooling
  • Mid temperature for heating water
  • High temperature for electrical power generation.

Low temperature– this has to do with heating and cooling of air as a means of climate control. This is particularly used in passive solar building designs. Here, the sun’s rays enter a living space to heat a particular area, and in turn blocked when that area needs to be cooled.

Mid temperature– this has to do with a solar hot water heating system. Collectors will be set up on your rooftop to capture heat from the sun. This heat will be transferred to the pipes channeling water to your homes.

In this case, you don’t need to keep depending on water heaters as the heat from the sun will serve as a natural heater.

High temperature– these ones are used to generate electricity for large scales. How this operates is that mirrors are set to focus the rays coming from the sun on tubes containing a liquid that can hold heat energy well.

This heated fluid turns water into steam and can be made to turn a turbine and generate electricity.


Solar panels are installed at three main scales.

For residential, there are usually installed in rooftops or in open land. It generally ranges between 5 and 20kilowatts. This is largely dependent on property size.

For commercial, the installation is usually installed at a greater scale than residential. This is because it has more things to power.

For utility-scale solar projects, there are usually large several megawatts installations that provide solar energy to a large number of utility customers.

With all this been said, I recommend you read a step by step process of solar panel installation.

how to install solar panels


With the world energy revolution focusing mainly on renewable energy-solar energy. There is a great need to understand the pros and cons of solar energy, this information is useful for homeowners who have complete home solar power system installed or yet to, researchers and students are not left behind.

We have put together a conclusive list of the pros and cons of solar energy with regards to homeowners’ perspective during the research work. Here is the list of toP pros and cons of solar energy in 2020:

1. Solar Energy is RenewableSolar storage is Expensive
2. Reduces your Electricity BillsSolar panel don’t work in some roof
3. Improve the value of your homeSolar is Weather Dependent
4. Environmental FriendlyAssociated with Pollution
5. Low Maintenance CostSolar panels require Space
6. Technological Development


1. Solar Energy is Renewable

The foremost advantage of solar energy is that it’s a truly renewable energy source-its replenish on its own.

Solar energy as a renewable energy source also means that its abundant, reliable, It can be harnessed in all areas of the world and is available every day.

Solar energy is always available and we can not run out it unlike non-renewable energy sources(fossil fuel, coal, nuclear, etc), though scientists predicted that the sun might die in the next 5 billion years to come.

2. Installing Solar Energy Reduces your Electricity Bills

Going solar will not just reduce your electricity bills, you stand a chance to earn some money as well. As your solar panels will be providing your energy needs, excess power produced by your solar would be sold to the utility grid through net metering.

In many states, adding solar panels to your home can bring in electric bill savings of well over $1,000 per year depending on the size of your solar panels.

But if you are living in Nigeria, you might probably not pay up to half of your annual electricity bill because your monthly NEPA bills will be charged all most half of its initial amount.

3. Improve the value of your Home

Going solar will not only provide you with a constant power supply but it will to a great extent improve the value of your home.
If you’re planning on moving in the near future, you’ll earn back your solar panel investment and then some when you sell your home.

To learn more about the increased resale value of solar homes and find out just how much solar adds to the market value of your property, check out this article on solar and property values.

4. Solar Energy is Environmental Friendly

Going solar is a great option because it will not only provide all your energy needs but it a great way to reduce the environmental damage that non-renewable energies(fossil fuels, coal, nuclear, etc) have cause to our climate.

The pros of solar energy can’t be overemphasized, it reduces our carbon footprints because solar produces clean, silent, and constant energy.

If you can’t afford a complete home solar system, use a solar product it will help create a clean and secure environment for us all.

5. Low Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a solar is usually very low, this is because it doesn’t really have moving parts so the issue of wear and tear is scrapped off. So You only need to keep them relatively clean, so cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job.

Though a solar invert might need to be changed after 4-8 years, this is because the inverter works continuously every day to convert DC current into AC current for electrical consumption in the house.

The cable and solar storage battery don’t really need much maintenance, just learn how to check the health of your solar battery and nothing more. So, after covering the initial cost of the solar system, you can expect very little spending on maintenance throughout the lifetime of your solar panel (25-30 years).

6. Improvements in Technological Development

The world is changing and improving everyday especially in science and technology so solar energy won’t be an exception. The advancement and innovations in solar energy industry are coming towards improving the efficiency of solar panels to even triple what we have now.

This of course is very much possible through innovation in nanotechnology and quantum physics.


1. Energy Storage is Expensive

Indeed one of the set-backs in going solar is the cost of installation, inverters, batteries, and so on. Solar storage bank is needed for you to go completely off-grid. But the cost of batteries shouldn’t be much of stress because most of our energy needs come during the day when the sunlight is still shining bright, so you can use solar during the day and drawback to your utility grid at night.

2. Solar Panels Don’t work for every Type of Roof

Although solar panels are installed in the rooftop by connecting a mounting system (also known as “racking”). Certain roofing materials used in older or historical homes, such as slate or cedar tiles, can be difficult for solar installers to work with, this a major hindrance to solar power installation.

Additionally, many homes and apartment buildings have skylights or other rooftop additions like roof decks that can make the solar installation process difficult or costly.

But this isn’t the deadlock to your dream of having constant power supply using solar energy because If your home doesn’t qualify for a rooftop solar installation, you still have options: ground-mount solar panels or buying a share in a community solar garden can get you around this disadvantage of solar energy and you can have the clean, silent and constant power supply you deserve from solar energy.

3. Solar Energy is Weather Dependent

Although solar energy can still be collected during cloudy and rainy days, the efficiency of the solar system drops. Solar panels are dependent on sunlight to effectively gather solar energy. Therefore, a few cloudy, rainy days can have a noticeable effect on the energy system.

You should also take into account that solar energy cannot be collected during the night. On the other hand, if you also require your water heating solution to work at night or during wintertime, thermodynamic panels are an alternative to consider.

4. Solar panels are Associated with Pollution

Environmental pollution is one of the world’s climate problems which we are trying to curb through the use of solar energy. Although solar energy can be associated with pollution, the environmental impact of solar panels is minimal compared to the amount of damage associated with the mining and burning of fossil fuels.

Some solar panels contain harmful pollutants on the process of manufacturing, like sulfur hexafluoride, which is more potent than carbon dioxide. However, the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate is much greater than that of sulfur hexafluoride.

Solar Panels Require Space

Depending on your energy need, a rooftop solar panel with good storage bank can be enough to give you a constant power supply but if you are looking for large solar installations then you will be needing larger space because solar panels have lower power density compared to other non-renewable energy sources (fossil fuels).

Power density can be defined as the amount of power that can be derived from an energy source within a certain area, its measured in watts per square meter (W/m2).
Thus, although you would need a large solar power plant and a small coal plant, the mining of coal destroys acres upon acres of land, whereas the solar power plant does not.

Be wise and choose a solar product today, save the world from the environmental hazards created by non-renewable energy(fossil fuel, coal, and nuclear).


This article explains the definition of renewable energy, solar energy and types of renewable energy. Through a proper research, I have come up with the top pros and cons of solar energy from customers perspective.

This article is suitable for homeowners seeking answers about solar energy, or those yet to install solar energy, researchers on solar projects and students.

Using renewable energy sources in your home can increase the shift towards a clean energy future. Even if you are not yet able to install solar panels (which I still recommend you do), you can use electricity from a clean energy source. Please help us serve you better by putting your suggestions and contributions in the comment box.


It will interest you to know that solar is not just for rooftops. There are so many ways in which the energy from the sun can be harnessed to soothe your needs. One of them is by using a solar generator.


A solar generator is a power source that uses energy from the sun to produce voltage. They are used to supply power to other machines or power grids.

A solar energy harnessing device most times cannot stand on their own, owing to the fact that power cannot be supplied instantaneously. A battery or another energy device has to be used.

a solar generator


Owning a solar generator in your home comes with many benefits when compared to using generators that make use of fossil fuels.
Some of them include:

  • Free energy from the sun- once you get a solar generator, you will harness energy directly from the sun, rather than purchasing fossil fuels.
  • Low maintenance cost- once installed, the cost of maintenance is very low.
  • Clean and quiet operation- it does not pollute the environment because it does not contain carbon dioxide.
  • A Solar generator also operates silently without generating noise.

Now it might interest you to know that you can build your own generator. In case you are already considering to try it out.

Here are some components that make up a good solar generator.
Components of a solar generator.


Getting the right solar panel is very important. Solar panels are used to absorb energy from the sun, which is in turn supplied to the battery. At this point, an inverter converts it to electricity. This makes solar panels one of the key components to building a good solar generator. It is very necessary for you to get the one of high quality, which can withstand any weather or environment because it is the most seen of all the components.


After harnessing solar energy using your solar panel, the energy has to be stored using a battery. Now the choice of battery depends on the quantity of energy you want to store. While making this choice, consider the things you want to power with your solar generator and the required kilowatt. You can then select your battery based on the information.


Since the solar generator is going to be mostly outside, it is left for you to determine if you want to protect your battery with a battery box. Battery box can be made using locking plastic cases, hard camera cases, or any other sealed container which is weather resistant.


A charge controller is use to monitor charge and discharge rate of a battery. Overcharging usually wears out the battery. So getting a charge controller will help you prevent overcharging.


An Inverter is highly needed as it is going to convert the power already stored in your battery to AC power so that you can then use it to power your appliances. Without an inverter, the energy stored in the battery cannot be put to use.


Getting a 12V DC meter will help you know the amount of energy your solar generator has stored. This helps you to know when the energy is enough for you to use it and power your electronics.

Now after acquiring all the parts needed to build your solar generator, I will give you a step by step instructions on how to put it to good use.


Step 1- prepare the outside of the box

Having your battery or camera case, decide where you want the DC meter to be placed. While taking this decision, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, check how you want the battery box to sit when being used. Try to layout the DC meter in a place it will be very easy to read. This is to enable you to access it quickly when you want to read it.


Also take into account how chargers, plugs and other appliance accessories will layout next to each other while installing your outlets. If there is a commonly used appliance with a large plug, it is important that you separate it from other close outlets.

Second, consider how everything will mount inside your box, and create adequate space. This is to make sure you don’t start dismantling when you find out that there is no much space for other appliances. Once all this is in place, you can now start drilling and installing your outlets and DC meters

Step 2- connecting the electrical components

Having the outlets and DC meter in place, you can now place the battery in the battery box. With the use of insulated wires, connect the DC meter to the terminal in your battery. While doing this, the negative terminal should be connected before the positive terminal.

After this, connect the outlets to the battery, with the negative coming before the positive. Make sure that all the connections are tight and secure. Because if it is not tight, you might not get the proper readings. Once this is done, you can now connect your solar panel to the battery.

This can be done in 2 ways depending on whether the connection is temporal or permanent.

For a temporal connection, you can use quick-connect plugs to easily plug in your solar panel, either to the front or rear of the battery box.
For a permanent connection, your solar panel can be connected straight to the battery.

After this connection of solar panels, your solar generator is ready for use. You can now test it to see what you have done.

Step 3- testing out the solar generator

The last and final step is to place your solar generator where your solar panel can get a lot of Sun and then test it out. If your solar panel wires are long, you can set the panel out in the sun, and place the battery box where it will not be exposed to the elements.

This is because it is only the solar panel that needs sun. Now set the solar panel in direct sunlight and check your DC meter. When this is done, you will notice that you are drawing energy into your solar generator. If this is reading correctly, leave your solar panel outside for a few hours in order to get the battery charged to its capacity.

Now that you have your generator all charged up, you can use it to power your electrical appliances. Take the appliance that you want to charge and plug it into the correct receptacle.

Once you do this, your device will start charging. You can monitor it to check how long it takes and how much electricity you have left after charging.


These days when electricity from other sources costs much, having a solar generator power your electrical appliances is one affordable necessity you don’t have to miss.

With my knowledge of the solar power system, I can help make this a reality for you. You may not understand the concepts of building and installing the solar generator but you don’t have to because I am here to help you with that.



Without mincing words, the poor power supply has been a terrible cankerworm eating deep into the fabrics of Africa as a continent.

It is expected that a continent ranking in the top ten list of crude oil production will have a very comfortable state of living.

Is it still news that an average African man carries his charger around, looking for the nearest opportunity to charge his appliances? Is it still news that an average African Child dances around at the sight of electricity? What does that depict, the Power system has not served us properly.

african power problem
cutting of light is a common problem that African citizens face each day due to the high cost of the grid system of power supply

This alone shows why there is a great record of poverty and hunger in Africa. Or is there any magic wand that will make Africa rich and prosperous even as we have an epileptic power supply? I am not here to lament, I am only here to draw our minds back on what have been, and lead us into a journey of what should be.


The major challenges we face in Africa are poverty which leads to hunger, unemployment, and mismanagement. Now I know you will be asking what this has to do with the power issue I presented.

But I will categorically tell you that it has everything to do with it. Over the years, the major source of power supply in Africa is through the use of non-renewable energy resources, like coal and crude oil. Not minding the fact that this has sustained us, it has also caused us harm.

Because of the lack of proper power supply, and the large expenses associated with the model of energy Africa is practicing. So many underdeveloped countries cannot harness the potentials in Agriculture. How far will the manual method of practicing agriculture take them?

Agriculture is a major way in which many countries survive. But this agriculture is most times limited because of the harm renewable energy cause in the ecosystem. The most common of them all is oil spillage which is mostly due to mismanagement and most times due to unforeseen circumstances.


We have heard so much of oil spillage. Do I need to tell you the consequences of oil spillage? Oil spillage causes so much harm and damage to our aquatic animals especially fishes. When this is the case, what is the hope of the fishermen who has fishing as the major source of their income? Also, what is the fate of the aquatic ecosystem?

Using Nigeria as a case study, oil spillage has caused great damages to our farm produce. Often lands that are affected don’t get to produce enough seeds? The ultimate result of this is hunger, poverty, and a decline in the nation’s GDP.

Moreover, how can I explain that some developing countries in Africa do not have access to even this electricity generated from non-renewable sources? How can I explain that even in developed countries, only those in the middle class and upper class can access the electrical grid?

Is that not a clear indication, that there is a limit to where non-renewable energy resources can go?


We are not done with the problems Africa faces due to poor power supply. One very disturbing one is air pollution. It is no longer news that Africa has been turned to a dumping ground for different kinds of generators.

Because most African countries’ power sector can barely generate constant power supply, this is our only alternative. What of the terrible health implications the smoke from these generators cause? Fumes from generators contain carbon monoxide which is toxic to health yet every day, millions of homes put on their generators inhaling these fumes.

africa power crisis
using old modern lantern to read due to lack of power supply

Another disturbing aspect of this poor power supply is that it has lead to an increase in the number of death in our various hospitals. It is no longer news that most patients die because there is no power to carry out major operations.


Even the education sector is not left out in this mess. Africa is still very much into manual learning. We cannot even think of adopting the E-learning method now because there is no light to power our gadgets. Or should I now say of the numerous times students are denied access to practical and laboratory rooms because of a poor power supply?

Most of them all are corruption. Because of how non-renewable energy runs, it is very easy for politicians and people in charge of the power sector to amass wealth. It has become an avenue for money generation.

The heartbreaking aspect of it all is that most of the major countries we export oil to, are no longer very much interested. The pandemic hit makes matters worst as oil price continues to decline to the barest minimum.

Am I the only one sensing the great danger looming ahead? Have we stopped to ask ourselves why oil that seemed to be a major source of power supply suddenly lost its value?

Okay, in case you asked that question and got no answer, here is the answer – “It is majorly because most of the developing countries have gone out of the era of seeing non-renewable energy resources as their ultimate savior”. The new deal is Renewable energy resources. Yes, I said that. Let’s not panic too much, there is hope.

Now, stick with me here let’s have more discourse on how we can be saved from the power issue.


When I say clean energy resources, I am talking about renewable energy resources. Are you aware that Africa asides crude oil is also one of the continents that have great access to renewable energy sources?

We are blessed with abundant sunlight, we have water, the wind is practically everywhere. I mentioned them because this is the basis of renewable energy resources.



Solar is the easiest renewable energy source that can go so far to save even the most underdeveloped countries.

Instead of pouring the limited resources, we have into fossil fuels. What if the government convert that money and provide as many solar panels as possible to various regions?

What prevents individuals in the middle and upper class from installing solar panels in their homes. So that the government will use the non-renewable energy to focus on the lower class citizens that can’t afford solar?

africa power crisis, make use of solar in rural area
solar power can also be installed in the rural area

Now you will ask, what happens when climate changes and there is no much sun. My answer is, then we will be sustained by the solar storage bank. Because each complete home solar system comes with a big battery back up. I am glad we all know that the times in the year we have abundant sunlight in Africa, is greater than the times we don’t have it.

The goal is to reduce the way we heat the ecosystem and to provide a more sustainable source of power supply.


What is the use of only receiving fresh air, and expecting heavy rain when the day becomes windy when we can use it to generate electricity?.

As I leave you to ponder, I will tell you that with the use of turbines, we can convert wind into electricity, yes it is possible. When these turbines in question spin, they generate electricity.

Now, this may not be used for house consumption. It is normally used for large scale businesses. If all the big organizations that produce different things, make use of this wind energy, and invest in a one-time installation, the cases of low energy for production will be reduced to the barest minimum.

Prices of goods and services will be reduced because you are no more burning money trying to purchase fossil fuels or gas. There will be more spaces for employment as there will be enough to power to provide more services.

I am very sure that the goal is to provide a better Africa, so I don’t see the reason why any organization that can afford this won’t go for it.


Do you know that apart from domestic use and transportation, water can help us generate electricity? With the use of turbines, we can generate energy from water.

See, the thing is that all the natural resources Africa is blessed with are capable of saving us from our power crisis.

Geothermal energy and biomass are also other sources of renewable energy sources.


As I mentioned earlier, it is highly a clean energy source. It does not have any single effect on the ecosystem. Asides geothermal energy which can lead to earthquakes when not properly managed, it is completely harmless.

It saves cost as it only needs a one-time installation.
It is very much accessible as these natural resources are not bought.
As we are all hoping for the government to embrace this fully. We can start from our various homes and companies to implement this, and save ourselves from further harm.


In as much we are currently facing a power crisis, which is in turn affecting various sectors of our economy. We are delighted by the fact that there is hope for change and improvement.

Why should we remain in the dark while others are moving forward to embrace the innovative idea of the solar power system especially?

The big countries like the United States and China that are making use of this renewable energy are not better than us, we are even more endowed naturally. So it is only a matter of careful planning for us to get there and save ourselves.

It is also worthy of note that so many big countries in Africa are already using this renewable energy as an alternative that is why you will find. Noor concentrated solar power plant In Morocco, Lake Turkana wind farm in Kenya, and Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia.

ESI, Africa’s Power Journal reported Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, and Ghana as Africa’s fastest-growing markets and so far, it has led to an upscale in their industrial and commercial sector.

Thus, other African countries should learn from them as they are already setting the pace. We will keep looking forward to a great and better Africa.

Nature in all her benevolence submitted herself to us, for us to be able to harness it just the way we want. This we discovered, and we used it to meet most of our needs in ages past, except for our electrical need.

Now, the scale is off, and we have discovered that we can use various natural sources to generate different forms of renewable energy for our daily needs.

Renewable energy is much different, convenient, and healthy compared to using nonrenewable energy sources. If I stop to think of the various damages we have caused to the ecosystem, all those while that we used nonrenewable energy resources as the only means of generating electricity,  I cringe at the thought.

global data for renewable energy

But nevertheless, we know better and we must improve the awareness of the unending benefits of renewable energy resources.

In this article, I will walk you through the various forms of renewable energy. How they are generated, the economic importance and the global consumption of renewable energy resources. happy reading!


Renewable energy resources are clean sources of generating power that can be replenished. Compared to the use of dirty fossil fuels, it has to do with using the sources available to us to generate energy for our electrical needs. These sources in question can be either, solar, wind, hydroelectric, and lots more.

Why we are strongly passionate about this renewable energy and why you should consider it is because of the following:

  • It gives room for a clean environment.
  • It reduces the hazardous effect fossil fuels have on the environment.
  • This form of energy is very much cost-effective.
  • It does not emit harmful chemicals in the form of carbon dioxide.

The world and renewable energy

To further buttress on the importance of renewable energy, I will give you detailed statistics of how countries all over the world, is fast changing to a clean and free source.

As of 2019, the leading countries for installed renewable energy were, China with a capacity of 758.63. United states with a capacity of 264.5, Brazil with a capacity of 141.93, India with a capacity of 128.23. Germany with a capacity of 125.39, Canada with a capacity of 101. Japan with a capacity of 97.46, Italy with a capacity of 55.32. Russia with a capacity of 55.19, and France with a capacity of 52.93.

renewable energy statistics across all forms

As you can see for yourself, countries are fast embracing this renewable energy. Charts have been made on the increase of renewable energy in the energy world, and projections have also been made on how these might increase and completely take overcome 2050.

As you will be wondering why these countries are switching. I will clear your doubt by telling you the impact of renewable energy globally.


Use of renewable energy helps in both economic, social and environmental improvement.

This energy resource has helped in improving the economic status of so many countries, as this is cost-effective and needs constant renewal which most times does not need money.

For example, once solar is installed, it only needs to be exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight at all times. Also, this form of energy resources tends to provide job opportunities, as many companies and government parastatal are taking interest in it, thereby requiring workforce.

Renewable energy sources improve social living standards by generating clean energy, thereby helping countries reduce the way they heat up the ecosystem, and also giving rise to a significant reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Talking of agriculture, renewable energy sources helps in powering most of the major tools used in production of agricultural produce at a very much reduced cost.

renewable energy and agriculture

Having seen many of these positive impacts, so many private sectors have also embraced this clean energy source.

You can click on this link to see the fast switch by private sectors


Having kept you waiting for long, I will tell you where this renewable energy can be gotten from, while we discuss the major sources.


This energy is gotten directly from sunlight and supplies us with the full energy to meet our electrical needs.

Making use of solar panels, energy is trapped from sunlight and in turn converted to electricity, which can be used to power most, if not all of our electrical appliances.

In addition to providing electrical needs, it can be used for the charging of batteries and heating of hot water. Solar energy is much encouraged because it is very much cost-effective, as it needs only a one-time installation.

It also provides you with an energy clean home. Solar energy can be used for both small scale and large scale consumption.


Feeling the wind most times, it appears as though it is moving air from one place to another. This movement is a result of uneven heating of the earth’s surface.

Should the wind just be allowed to move, without putting it into an advanced use? Obviously no, this is why wind can now be captured to give off the power by making use of large turbines that generate electricity while they spin. So solar panel is to solar, just as the turbine is to wind.

Although wind power is not the best option for homes, it is highly recommended for utility-scale applications.

Like every other renewable energy, wind power does not pollute the environment.


Just like in the case of wind power, where electricity can be generated from moving air, it can also be generated from flowing water. In this case, the turbine is used. When moving water runs through a turbine, it spins it to produce electricity.

But do we then go to a small river to produce electricity? Obviously no, hydro power are usually produced at large damns, or water falls, because here, water drops significantly in elevation.

Just like other renewable energy sources, hydropower does not pollute the environment, but it can change the water levels, currents, and migration paths for aquatic animals. So it is not as convenient as other renewable energy sources.


The heat trapped when the planet was formed, and the radioactive decays in rock that is deep beneath the earths crust all result in a large amount of geothermal heat energy.

Geothermal heat energy is also captured by the use of turbine. This is usually done by using steam from heated water to spin a turbine. In a geothermal spring system, there is pumping of water below the ground.

When this water is heated, it rises back to the earths surface in the form of steam. This steam is then used to spin a turbine.

In addition to providing electricity, geothermal heat is also used to provide heating or cooling to a building. Like other renewable energy sources, it does not pollute the environment, but the high cost of constructing a power plant poses a challenge. And most times it can lead to earth quake because it causes surface instability.


This energy can be generated from recently living organic matters like plants and animals. This biomass are referred to as renewable because of how quality plants can be regrown. Biomass does not pollute the environment.


If the big countries can fast embrace renewable energy sources, individuals should as well move with the flow. It is already clear what you stand to gain by using renewable energy sources, so you should not be hesitant while  making this decision to switch.

You can decide to use the one most convenient for your need, and once you are around Nigeria and need further information on the one best suited for you, feel free to contact me.